Heart rate monitor as video trigger

Hi all,

So I'm very new to this whole Arduino scene but I've been told it does some awesome things. So here's what I need help with, what I want to do is set up a video (a scary video) and put a heart rate monitor on the "victim's" finger (if I can get a the finger one). And when this person's pulse get's to a certain point I want it to trigger a scene skip, so it will go to the next scene and make the video a little shorter for the person. If I can't get the heart rate monitor to work I'm fine with using a panic button as an alternative. If anyone has any information or tips whatsoever it'd help a lot. Even if it's just something for me to get started, thanks a lot for everyone's time, and sorry for being such a noob lol.

Have a look at this web site:-
There are lots of Electro cardiograph projects on line just google them. That part has nothing to do with the arduino. Then when you have it working come back and we will tell you how to attache it to the arduino.