heart rate monitor example can't work

Hi I just received my starter kit. I am trying to build heart rate monitor and find this example CurieBLEHeartRateMonitor. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Genuino101CurieBLEHeartRateMonitor.

I can not find the example in the Arduino software package, then copied the source codes and uploaded them, But debugging shows wrong. I wonder the reason that the example is for Arduino 101 instead of Starter kit. Is that correct?

If yes, where can I find some examples to test heart rate monitor?

If no, how can I make it work?



Could you post the code and the error messages you received? That would be most helpful.

Hi, included in the starterkit there is a UNO board, the tutorial you are linking is specific for the 101 board because of the use of BLE capabilities of the board, so it's impossible to use it.

if you plan to use a standard bluetooth heart rate monitor you have to use a 101.

thanks Andrea