Heart Rate Sensor Doll/Pop up book

Hello Everyone!

I am new to arduino and have been loving exploring the community here. Yall are amazing.

I have a quick question on feasibility. I am looking to create a childrens electronic Social Emotional Learning popup book focused on teaching the importance of connection, goal setting, and strategies to manage emotions.

The target I am aiming for is a wearable etextile with LEDs that as the readers heart beats, so does the characters within the book that accompanies the reader through the book (basically a doll that you hold while reading the pop-up book)

What I am trying to construct is a etextile device (lilypad protosnap plus, or maybe arduino) that can read the wearable heartrate sensor of the reader, light up LEDs on that same etextile as the heart beats, WHILE ALSO wirelessly transmitting that sensing data to light up a different LED component (in this case on the fabric heart patch on the doll).

I really want to strive and make it connected wireless.

Would I need to use XBee transmitors/receivers to do this wirelessly? Im such a beginner and feel I lack the needed vocabulary to discuss which components I would even need or even where to start my research.

Has anyone heard of a project like this or seen anything similar? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Very creative idea!
Being an amateur myself though, I feel that this is quite an ambitious project for a beginner.

With the wearable component itself, we are dealing with LEDs (presumably a strip of them), and wireless connectivity. Those need not a small amount of power, which is coming from batteries. This means that your hardware (and software) need to be optimized for minimum power consumption, which to me, is no easy task. Batteries always have the potential to be dangerous if not handled correctly.

Even with the reader accompaniment doll, we have batteries, LEDs, wireless communication, and a motor of some kind to simulate heartbeat (if I understood correctly).

Also, is the book supposed to have any electronics in it? Coordinating two devices is hard enough.

As for wireless communication, I don't know much about XBee, but it is likely not what you are looking for. Bluetooth seems like a better option, because it has been tried and tested with Arduinos extensively, and is easy enough to program.

I don't mean for this post to be discouraging, but this does not sound very feasible. This is a very complex project for a beginner, with too many things to worry about. I hope this was helpful. Good luck.