Heartbleed SSL Bug

Is this site susceptible to the Heartbleed SSL bug or is your Nginx up to date?


Looking for TLS extensions on https://arduino.cc
connect: Connection refused


Looking for TLS extensions on https://www.arduino.cc
connect: Connection refused


Looking for TLS extensions on https://forum.arduino.cc
connect: Connection refused


Looking for TLS extensions on https://id.arduino.cc
ext 65281 (renegotiation info, length=1)
ext 00035 (session ticket, length=0)
ext 00015 (heartbeat, length=1) ← Your server supports heartbeat. Bug is possible when linking against OpenSSL 1.0.1f or older. Let me check.
Actively checking if CVE-2014-0160 works: Your server appears to be unaffected.


Looking for TLS extensions on https://store.arduino.cc
connect: Connection refused

Thanks, that looks good to my untrained eye.