Heater element question


Advanced warning: new to this.

I would like to know if is possible run a heater element from an Arduino. The part name and model is: “DBK HP05-1/22-24”. This can be found on Farnell. It states that the max supply voltage DC is 30 VDC and the minimum DC voltage is 10 VDC. Power rating is 70 W. With regards current, the datasheet says “Max inrush current at 230 V” is 3.0 A.

Would I need a separate power supply? If so, which would you recommend.


The inrush rating relates only to mains-voltage versions of that heating element
form factor, not the actual one you have.

Would I need a separate power supply?

Separate from what? You need a power supply that can provide the current and voltage to run the heater. What voltage, and current does the heater require.

BTW, If you had provided a URL for your heater, I would have looked at it, but If you can't take the time to do that, I can't waste time googling to search for the URL.

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