Heating Controller Project ** with 5 sensors, 5 relay/pomps, LCD Menu - Problem!

Hello guys!
First of all, sorry for my english :slight_smile:
Now it past 1 week since i begin this project for my house heating sistem. Because is an old sistem with no control, all pumps, ventilator, are ON non-stop. So, i started this project and i want to share with u all what i want to do.
The thing is i am a newbie in codding. All i did so far was to collect from all over the internet, parts of codes, who could fit to what i want to do. It worked so far but i am stucked.

The first big problem for me was to implement BIG FONT for temperature. 2 nights i spend to make it work:) I want to make a good looking MainDisplay (see picture)

The second problem was to create a MENU for all the pumps where i can change values in EEPROM.
I manage to finish this MENU but i have a problem and i cant figure it out how to solve it. If someone could help me with thisโ€ฆ:

with button 1 (menu/enter) I want to enter in MainMenuPage from where i change the values.
Then with button 2 i want to exit MainMenuPage to see ValoriTemperaturi (all temperature values - the MainPage) in real time. And this to be the MAIN PAGE

Now, my sketch is a mess. There are some functions that are not implement yet with relays but the sketch compile and is working if u want to test it on hardware.

In void setup i call
it show me on screen only the MENU. Everything works but i dont know how to code it to exit that and to show me

void ValoriTemperaturi()

but in loop (refresh values every 3,4,5 seconds i dont know.

I Post the code in second post because is to long. I attach it also.

Meniu_proba_de_lucru.ino.ino.ino (17.6 KB)