Heating lamp

Hi there. I want to connent heating lamp to my arduino, but i am not sure, do i have enough parts. I want to keep temperature on the same level.
I ordered:
2 Channel Relay 5v with light coupling protection expansion board have a single way 2 road relay module 5v free shipping|relay 5v|relay modulechannel relay - AliExpress,
TZT New DHT11 Temperature And Relative Humidity Sensor Module For Arduino|humidity sensor module|sensor modulehumidity sensor - AliExpress
I will buy any power suply to arduino.
I think that is enough parts, but maybe i am wrong.
Does my arduino ( UNO ) can work 24 hours per day and 7 days/week?
Besides i think of some system to replace arduino.

That sounds like you have what you need.

Yes, the Arduino can run 24/7 for years on end.

But how I do replace my arduino with other system? Can I send analog sygnal from thermometer directly to relay, without using arduino?

No. The arduino is what is taking the input of the temp/humidity sensor and then using that information to energize the relay to turn on the lamp.

Can ATTINY 2313V help? I think of programming on it

You can use nearly any MCU for this task. DHT11 is digital, you get no analog signal from it. If you are interested in temperature only you can use LM35 (or similar) sensor and some analog circuitry to drive relay without need for MCU. But doing it digital is probably better.

google DIN temperature controller. you can get them on E-bay. temperature probe and readout and output all in one box.