Heating pads with arduino?

Hello, I recently bought these heating pads https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11289

For my arduino uno r3. However I literally have no clue how to hook them up to the arduino uno and the code to use them;). So what I'm asking is, how can I hook them up to the arduino and the code so that it can power the heat pads until I unplug the heat pads (in other words, always on).

Thank you for all the help!:)

If they are always on, why do you need an Arduino. If you want to control the temperature you will need a logic level N channel MOSFET and some kind of temperature sensor. You could set up a bang-bang (on - off) control or use PID and PWM to control the temperature.

Alright thanks!

How would I use pwm? Would I do it the same way as a LED? Would I still need a MOSFET for the "on-off"?

The heater is rated at 600mA, so yes, you will need some kind of driver and an external power supply. The Arduino 5V power supply will not handle 600mA nor will USB. A logic level MOSFET is the best choice because a properly chosen MOSFET will consume the least power. And, yes, it would be just like driving a higher power LED.

OK thank you for all the help!!


Don't drive heaters with PWM, On/OFF with long delays in between. Alternatively invest on a variable voltage supply and drive it with variable voltage if you need precision temperature control.