Heavy equipment Eurocard timer board tester - Feasability

So I have a number of various eurocard boards from various pieces of heavy equipment at work and I was thinking I would be able to build a tester from an arduino. Some boards are timers, one is a processor board, several I/O boards, and relay boards. The first tester I would like to tackle is the Timer board tester, and I have attached a schematic of that board. The control lines for the board are clearly marked on the right side edge of the schematic and seem to use typical names like WR, WR’, A0, A1, A2. The timer board consists of 8 separately addressable timers. The goal would be to cycle each timer sequentially and display the time from enable to trigger not only allow for timer output function test but also allow for accurate timer calibration. Im a bit new to this whole thing and I’m curious if there’s a specific library to use or what the best approach might be to get going on this. I have also attached a picture of the style of machine processor I’m dealing with. any help would be much appreciated.

Timer Board.pdf (124 KB)

What for?? are you maintaining this heavy equipment?

It looks like pretty old stuff - who'd use 556's these days...



You can do a google search for the make/model of your board in combination with the term 'arduino'. Maybe somebody else went through the effort and published it. But this type of work is quite specific, so I think changes are slim.

I can't read the RC values for the NE556 from your image, so can't say for sure if it's feasible (very short timings will be tricky). But in general, timing measurements is reasonably easy with an Arduino.

You biggest problem might be to analyse what the GAL exactly does if you need a semi-automated test setup.