Heavy Lifting Servo - Not too expensive?

Hello! I am creating a robot. This robot will be for transportation, carrying about a pound of weight. I was originally going to use 2 of these motors as back wheels, and a small caster ball-wheel (Not motorized) in front.

Then I thought that 2 of those motors would NOT be able to carry a pound of load. (Even at top speed) Am I wrong? If so, what kind of motors am I looking for? I want the robot to travel at a reasonable rate, to move around the room.

Any ideas?

Also, my robot needs to turn, so more than one motor on each side of the bot may prove challenging.

the device you show is NOT a motor - it is a servo, with maximum traverse about 90 degrees

  • ok for seering, but not to propel your robot



Good tutorials on building load bearing robots here.

  • ok for seering, but not to propel your robot

Not correct. The link is to a continuous rotation servo, which works fine as a wheel motor.

Does anyone know specifications on a 1 - 2 pound servo in this case?

How much Torque will it need? How much voltage?

Answered in the link I posted. Do take a moment to read through it.