Held Needed in Designing Solar Energy based cooling system for my green house

My Aim is to maintain a temperature of up to 25-degree Celsius inside the Green House which is usually at around 55-Degree Celsius, as the project has to be solar operated / battery operated the challenge even gets tougher.
I have made a cooling system using an array of 3 TEC Modules (Thermo Electric Cooler Device),I have attached the images of prototype.
Currently the outlet air Temperature at Cool side is 15 to 18 degree Celsius and Hot Air temperature is around 32 Degree Celsius, tested in a room which is maintained at 25 Degree Celsius. I have shared the details of How it has been constructed.
Are there people who have made or heard of anything similar, My major challenge is the Cooling System and its design. Currently I am open to any input, as I have decided to make this Idea.

Project Application
Agriculture use , Future scope for pets

solar based cooler.doc (29.5 KB)

At that size the greenhouse exposes ~2.9 sq.m. to sunlight which means you have to reject ~2.5kwatt of heat. Sun shines with 1kwatt/sq.m

The tec modules you have won't handle such load and considering their inefficiency would require at least as much electricity draw as much heat they extract.

Usually greenhouses are maintained at reasonable temperatures with:

  1. Really strong ventilation
  2. partial shading from the outside of greenhouse walls. Wines growing externally or shading nets can be used for this.

The two above may keep temperature close (but a bit warmer) than outside temperature.
If the climate is dry you may drop a few more degrees with evaporative cooling of input air. This can be as simple as water misters or, if your specific plants can't handle the resulting high humidity, with a wet/dry air heat exchanger

Wines growing externally