Hella Oontz a grid controller from Adafruit

Hello all!

Since a long time I fantasize about Monome / Arduinome. I recently bought this : https://learn.adafruit.com/oontz-trellis-midi-instrument/overview

A sort of Arduinome, but is not. It's made with trellis pcb driver (https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-trellis-diy-open-source-led-keypad) and a leonardo board.

I made it (the 128) and now it's time to program. If I use the sketch they propose, the hella oontz will talk midi (so impossible to communicate with monome app without programmation).

My question is, which are the solutions to use monome applications with this "Hella Oontz"? A midi > osc router? A midi to serial? or rewrite a sketch? (I'm totally newbie with Arduino) It is possible to use an Arduinome 128 sketch here?

Thank you for your responses, don't hesitate to share documentations here, I think I will need it!

Bunai Carus

Second, just built the HELLA (128) OONTZ and am looking to get some Monome action going :)