Hello,Ableton controller!

hello, guys i'm new to this site and i'm very glad to be here,i would like to start a project(MIDI CONTROLLER) to control Ableton,can someone tell what Arduino Module should i use? Or maybe someone has a list with all the parts,scheme...

Any help or piece of advice appreciated,thanks!

the controller i would like to make should be like this:http://blog.60works.com/archives/785 or:http://shop.lividinstruments.com/hardware/code2.html

just with potentiometers to control effects in ableton,thanks again!

How many pots are you looking at using? The Arduino Mega2560 supports 16 analogue inputs. If you need more than that, you'll need to look at input multiplexors. Note that Arduinos only have a single analogue to digital converter, and you select which analogue input pin is connected to it in your code.

16 pots for the moment i think it’s enough,i intend to use some ALPS pots with Led

That isn't a pot. It's a rotary encoder, so would need 2 digital inputs.

The led matrix for just one of those needs 12 pins, or (preferably) an external led matrix driver.

many thanks for the replies,so i would like to use 16 of this encoder with led what else do i need?