Hello again!

It's been a long while since I last posted here, or responded to anything; what's kinda disconcerting is that I was known (my username) as "cr0sh" - but now it's "keeper63" which is a part of my email. Some change they did a long while back.

It's really been a long time. Part of what made me fall away and stop posting was getting involved in some MOOCs, and I just drifted away. Plus job changes, life, etc.

It kinda feels a bit "alien" here. I'm not sure how many of the old "regulars" are still around (I have seen recent posts by a few of them). Sigh.

Well - I guess I'll just have to adjust.

And - hello! :slight_smile:

Welcome back keeper63!

That is strange about the user name change. I've been around since 2012 and I'm sure nothing like that happened on a wide scale since then.

It is sad when a regular disappears from the forum. We just have to be grateful for all the precious knowledge they shared while they were here and hope they're doing well.

I remember cr0sh, welcome back.

I remember cr0sh, welcome back.

Me too


Yo, dude! You were active as cr0sh when I started here 5 years or so ago. And I see you are also from Venus Phoenix. Been enjoying the cold snap? All things must end - 110F this weekend. :expressionless: