Hello all

Hello, Im new to all of this and was wondering if this is an acceptible place to ask some basic questions about arduino capabilities?

Either way thank you for your time,


Sure, go for it.

Im thinking about making a reaction based game where there are several buttons. The buttons light up and emit a sound. This continues for a small time unless pressed. In either case, a new randomly picked button is illuminated, and emits a tone. Gradually the pace picks up, the buttons illuminate for less time etc. The game would track reaction time(avg), misses etc.

Can this be done with an Arduino? How many buttons can an Arduino accomodate? Can I use multiple sheilds at one time?

Thank you for your time,


The Arduino can do this if programmed correctly.

The question is the ability of the programmer.


You can use multiple shields as long as they don't use the same pins.

Thank you both. As for programming, I have no experience. I guess I get to learn something new. :)

Seems you want to build something similar to the Simon game.

Looks like you and I are in the same boat. I expect my kit to be delivered next week. My programming experience is mostly BASIC that I used for a multi-line BBS I used to run from my home. But it's been many years since I have used it. I'm starting from ground 0.

I have a lot of learning to do, and have no projects I would like to build, yet. Just going to tinker a bit at first.