Hello All

Hello everyone,

I figured I would start a post and introduce myself. Ian here as you can tell by the most inventive screen name. I am getting very excited by the possibilities of the Arduino low cost and feature set!

Anywho I am an avid scuba diver, work in R&D for scuba/lifesupport systems, reef keeper, programmer, motorcycle enthusiast, firearm supporter, alcoholic. That fairly well describes me in 50 words or less. ;D

Interested in my first project w/ an Arduino in building a controller for my reef aquarium. If there is somewhere to start project threads, I will start one there. I will have MANY newb questions, but do have a bit (very limited) electronics background, but a much nicer programming background. I also tend to get very involved in forums that I am well…involved in! So I will thank everyone now for the help they will be providing me and I apologize for the arguments when I gain adequate knowledge to disagree with the experts!


Hello and Welcome :slight_smile:

Here is a link to my aquarium controller build:


Good Luck!!!

Hey! Awesome your my new best friend!

PM me if you want/need help. I am a noob myself.

PM’d, hopefully we can work on this project together