Hello everyone , Can you please tell me , On which Protocol 3.5 TFT ILI9486 Mcufriend Display Works?

On which protocol TFT 3.5 ILI9486 Mcufriend working?
Is it working on SPI communication protocol or some others protocol?

GitHub - ImpulseAdventure/Arduino-TFT-Library-ILI9486: A library for 3.5 inch RPi LCD (A) 320x480 display from Waveshare

  1. #include "SPI.h" Why you using this library in your code? please explain?
  2. SD_SS SD_DI SD_DO SD_SCK , We are not using this pins but my TFT display calibration working fine, So How TFT transmit and received data from Arduino Uno ?

It's not my code. It's Adafruit's code. Ask Adafruit why would they make a library that works.

My guess. They are using SPI to transfer data to/from the display.

Want to learn more? Open up the library and look at how they do the thing.

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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