Hello everyone, do you know of any IC that can control a 24v DC 2A motor?

Hello everyone, do you know of any IC that can control a 24v DC 2A motor?
I was looking for 5A support so that it has no heating problems, pwm and that it has intensity detection so that the engine stops without a limit switch.

If you have evidence of one that works well, I would appreciate it.

There are lots out there but AVOID the L295 and ULN series controllers.

The PWM side is controlled from your Arduino (or whatever board you choose to use)

Whatever you choose get one with more Amps than you need to cope with initial inrush / startup currents.

So 3 or 4A would be a starting point.

Even a simple N channel Mosfet approach might get you going depending on your application ?

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Single ICs are limited to DMOS switches which have on-resistances down to about 0.25 ohms minimum, so
will dissipate a minimum of 2W for 2A, 12W for 5A, in an H-bridge.

Discrete MOSFETs use vertical current flow and can be as low as 0.0005 ohms on-resistance, allowing
high currents to be handled with ease. Vertical-flow MOSFETs use the underside of the chip as the drain
terminal so cannot be integrated onto a single piece of silicon to make an H-bridge.

Some devices are available with multiple dies in one epoxy package, allowing high current H-bridge in
a single package, such as the VNH series Pololu - VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier

However that chip is not up to 24V battery supply as 24.0V is really its definite upper limit. Pololu have plenty
of MOSFET H-bridges for higher voltages.

I don't know the details of H-bridges and Mosfets as much as others have provided.

I think this h-bridge circuit made by DrAzzy on the forums is really great:

Up to 100A, 100V (probably need some sort of active cooling like a pc case fan so some other fan)

This is the link to the driver datasheet:
Infineon Mosfet, 100V, 100A, BSC082N10LS (sadly though it says they will discontinue in the future)

His store with other drivers:

Here is another one I've used in one of my projects: