Hello forum!

Hello forum dwellers.. I'm new here. Hailing from Indonesia. First post. Ooo the pressure lol.

Would like to say thank you for all contributors, both the gurus and the noobs and everyone in between. I have learnt a great deal on this forum in such a short time. Still plenty of stuff to learn. Two months ago I knew next to nothing about electronics and arduino. WIth the help of the resources here, I have made several working projects involving data logging to monitor simple water facility and machinery. I do have some programming experience (high level web stuff) but I haven't touched any code in many years. A while ago I had grown to dislike coding, but now I discover a new joy in coding again. Having my code interact with outside elements via the sensors is the coolest things ever.

I hope you are all well and continue to help others and share your knowledge here or elsewhere for many years to come. It's what makes the world go around.

Welcome to the Forum.

Be sure to read How to get the best out of the Forum


Hi, Robin. Thanks for the pointer. I have scanned through that post. And also thanks for your many posts throughout this forum, I don't remember which ones in particular but some of them have been a great help. :slight_smile:

Ditto the welcome.

Take your time and enjoy what there is in here.