Hello from a noob, question about Seeeduino Mega

Hi guys,

Hope this is the right subforum and that I won't get castrated for asking about Seeeduino on an Arduino forum...

I've had a few projects in mind for years and have never been scared of the programming aspect, but have always been stumped on the hardware. Today I ordered a Seeeduino Mega and my first project will consist of driving a bunch of LEDs individually.

The board claims 40mA draw from each pin, so I'm assuming it'll be safe to run 2 LEDs each with a 20mA draw. Today I've found some nifty calculators that will tell me which resistors I will need to safely power the LEDs.

One of my questions... Can I just use 1 pin per 2 LEDs, and ground all of them to the same common ground?

Another is regarding power supply. I found a 5vdc 1A wall adapter and a 6.5vdc 2A I can use. I also plan to power a water pump. Would there be any issue running the water pump and Seeeduino from the same adapter? Would there be any problems with supplying a lower voltage than used by the pump for a lower pump rate?

For powering the LEDs and such, what connectors can I use for the pins? I haven't seen anything on the electronics sites that look like they'd be used for that purpose. IF I can share a common ground for all the LEDs, can someone suggest some 1 and 2 pin connectors that will work with this board, preferably cheap and preferably with some wire attached?

I think that will take care of all my questions. Sorry if they're extremely newbish :)

The board claims 40mA draw from each pin, so I’m assuming it’ll be safe to run 2 LEDs each with a 20mA draw

If they’re in series, the total draw will still be 20mA, you’ll be safe.
If they’re in parallel, the draw will be 40mA, which is the absolute maximum rating for the pin.

Thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it :)

As you can tell, I'm really a novice when it comes to hardware.

Hate to add another question, but where can I find strips of perboard/stripboard/breadboard?

I need 4-6 holes wide, and really long, as I'll be making two strips of 20 LEDs.

Not trying to get spoon-fed, I've been Googling the crap out of it, but haven't found what I'm looking for yet.


Define "really long".

I found some 9"x4" perfboard I will chop up :)