Hello from an Arduino virgin

Just thought I would pop a note here to say hello from the UK. I’m running a website that is fairly interactive but hopefully with the Arduino I can take it to the next level :slight_smile:

If you like fish then you will probably like the website I have which currently uses an ioBridge io-204 module to communicate with the web and to allow viewers to play with the cameras, lighting and, my favorite, burping the frog lol.

I only have one channel left on the ioBridge module so I’ve saved it for a serial module they have that I plan to connect to the Arduino board for extra expansion possibilities. What that expansion will be I have no idea but there is a huge amount of ideas on this forum my head is spinning.

One thing high on the list is getting the arduino to talk to the LED scrolling display in the fish tank so I can remotely upload messages OR let others send messages to it :slight_smile:

Why do I do it? because I can :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty funky idea. Reminds me of that holiday prank a while back. Some guy had a camera setup where users could switch lights on and off. They had TV crew coming to visit!

Anyway, very nice setup. Though I hate that theme you’ve got on wordpress.

wow, never heard of iobridge, seems like an interesting project. quick question, how did you get the web cam to work with it? Is their native support, i.e. you can plug the web cam into the iobridge? Are there specific web cams that work?

I was about to start a robotics project and I might use this for the higher level controls as its cheaper than me get a mini itx board and i like the small form factor, and the arduino for the lower level controls.

EDIT: Never mind, just read your page. I was hoping the web cams were cheap USB cams instead of IP cams.

Hi, welcome to the Arduino forum! Looks like we’re not far away from each other! I live in Stoke Gifford, north Bristol, which in in South Gloucestershire. Do you ever get the chance to go along to Dorkbot Bristol:


Lots of good Arduino things going on there!

Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

I kinda like my wordpress Theme, except for that bottom navigation bar, which is just duplicating the sidebar and sucks lol. I need to dig into the css and remove it when I get time.

Yes the cameras are IP cameras with inbuilt webservers which save a great deal of time and effort in terms of integration. You just plug them into the router and then hack the code around to fit the streaming video into your own pages. Yes they are more expensive than usb webcams BUT it means I don’t have to have a computer/laptop running 24/7 to support any of my project hardware. They are also becoming alot cheaper, I’ve seen them well under £100.

I hadn’t heard of the dorkbot org. Looks like another place to visit when I get some free time.