Hello from The Philippines! Changes...

Hello Everybody, it's Kuya Marc from the Philippines! Lots of changes happened since I was last into the Arduino Forum...

  • Pasig HOBBYist Blog is destroyed.
  • Redirection: I'm now known as The American HOBBYist.
  • The American HOBBYist Blog is only for Web Presence.
  • Closed-Source

The Pasig HOBBYist Blog has been destroyed in March 2011, after three months of operation. Why? Negative feedback exceeded encouragements! Negativity added unneccesary stress, therefore blog had to be destroyed.

Moving from "Pasig HOBBYist" to "American HOBBYist" identifies a new direction. Since I am an American citizen, I'm refocusing my hobbies to that from USA, rather than promoting my hobbies in the Philippines. What I'm learning from my own projects, such as Arduino-based, is being directed to future benefit in the USA (ie: I move back to USA...). - As of this writing, I'm still locating Arduino sources near Seattle, Washington, USA.

The American HOBBYist Blog has been configured for web presense only; focusing on frequently updating pages instead of making daily posts. My Arduino Life page has been moved there.

Closed-Source while promoting Open-Source... After receiving 500% negative feedback on posting "beginner level" source code for various microcontrollers, I had to discontinue posting source code, altogether. Originally, I had the idea of asking for monetary donations to support my hobby, such as posting source codes, but the "thank you" messages never arrived; instead, I got bashed in a negative way. So, as a result of negative feedback, posting of source codes and electronic schematics are now something I've done in my past.

Using Arduino, I've found it much easier to accomplish many of my advanced projects (such as blinking LEDs for relaxation/sleep, etc. and my DDoS attack bot) which, I hope in the near future, generates some useful income. Other Arduino hobbyists have told me that I can legally make commercial products out of Arduino without exposing the source codes.

Thank you for reading posts in the Arduino Forum. I'm hoping to receive more possitive feedback for my Arduino-related projects. Have a nice day!

Kuya Marc