Hello from the... thread

Ok, triggered by people’s hello messages, I thought we could have a thread on it, just say hello and where you are from (then your name).
I’ll start:

Hello from North Yorkshire, UK


Hello from Oslo, Norway

Well, hello there fellow aruino’ers :slight_smile:

I’m from Denmark, somewhere in the southern part of Jutland.


Another hello from Oslo ;D

/Henning (doc_norway)

Hello, from Chennai, India


Hello from North Carolina, USA. :slight_smile: (First United States-er? Nifty :D).

Hello from DeKalb, IL USA

Hello from Lefty @ the left coast of the U.S.

Hello from NYC

Hello from the Netherlands. Near Rotterdam.


Hello from CaptainBalsa in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

And hello from Jack in southern Scotland

Hello from Lancashire, UK.

Hello from Wigan, England.

and hello from Nottingham, England

hey hey from napa california

Hello from, grey, rainy Bagshot, UK.

Hello from Dresden, Germany…

Greetings to all of the ArduinoUsers Worldwide…!!!

Greetings from Nashville TN


Hello from Deerfield, Illinois, USA