Hello! I am new to this forum today! Arduino uno

I just registered and would like to introduce myself.
I will be 60 years this summer and has just bought my first Arduino kit.
I work with application development for Brazing paste at a Swedish company.

With the Arduino uno I am following “THE FRANZIS ARDUINO TUTORIAL KIT MANUAL” but get a little puzzled when I get past page 100 and it starts using the command “Serial.printiln()” without saying anything about a printer or a display.

I guess there is a lot of people here who knows about this.

Otherwise it is really great to be able to do some simple experiments by programming on the PC and so easily uploading to the device.


Use the serial monitor or a terminal emulator to view what Serial.print outputs.

Thank You!

I guess this is so easy that I probably missed it in the text!

Great help!
Thank You again!