Hello! i need help in making LED record light project

the same task as here:https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=388893.0

but this guy made lot of unwritten work. I 'm trying to get it. I have added Remote Control in Cubase, installed Hairless midi, used my scarlett soundcard in menu of Remote& hairless, added Arduino on Serial Port. after that Hairless midi writes: "+482.42 - Error: got unexpected data byte 0x0. FTDI drivers don't seem to be installed. Not attempting any FTDI latency tricks." i tried to add https://github.com/projectgus/hairless-midiserial/blob/master/src/PortLatency_win32.cpp this fix for windows but it says: Hairless.ino:6:25: fatal error: PortLatency.h: No such file or directory

dunno what to do, can anyone help??!

anybody here?

maybe someone can help?

Is Cubase 5 compatible with hairless midi? anybody who used hairless & cubase please reply here

I think the problem here is that you are asking about Hairless and Cubase, nether of which are anything to do with an Arduino, and this is an Arduino forum after all.

If you get an error from Hairless then you are sending the wrong stuff as the error message tells you. This could be that you are sending the wrong stuff or you have not set up the baud rate the same at each end, or have picked the wrong ports.

Is Cubase 5 compatible with hairless

I would have thought so because Hairless just converts from serial to MIDI and it looks like any other MIDI device on your computer, but maybe Cubase needs configuring in order to receive the right MIDI stream.