Hello, my project and some advice

Since a while I've been following Arduino. Now within a few days I can start building things myself! The project I had in mind (far before I ever heard of Arduino), I called it the Pillar, is as follows:

A module contains a light (prob LED's), a speaker (for beebs) and a touch sensitive sensor. A pillar contains 3 modules of the above. In total there are 3 pillars and 9 modules.

The interaction model. The user needs to start the software(1). Some interaction with the user to narrow down the choices and speed of the activations. The narrowed down choices are 1 or multiple modules activated. Once its starts: The modules light(s) and speakers turn on for a while (depending on the chosen profile). The user(s) have to react by hitting/pushing the sensor from the module. The controlling software has to react on the sensor input, then continue the same from the beginning.

For this, what Arduino do you advice? What controlling software do you advice. There needs to be a GUI. Most faverable in as3. Got any more tips, tricks or information, please do tell.

Thank you in advance,



Tell us more about what the user (or users?) do with this.

Is it a game? A contest??


Its a game like something. Their action trigger goes and they should react to it. The users have to push the button/sensor and they get a score for speed and the level they have reached. It should be playable with 1 or more users. Depending on the chosen profiles in the GUI.

This is all done via AS3 console I'm planning to make myself. Or another programming language. The thing I'm Missing is the connection between the hardware and the software. I can program the GUI and the wanted profiles. And probably the Arduino itself. But I can't make the connection between the Arduino and the GUI.

Hopefully I've answered your questions. Kind regards and thank you.


OK, after Google I know what AS3 is. Action Script programming in Flash??

There's stuff you know that we don't know.

There's stuff that we know that you don't know.

We gotta communicate better without ASSuming that everybody knows all the cool Acronyms :)

Arduino has "Serial Input and Output" via USB (Universal Serial Bus). Your PC/language/OS needs to support sending and receiving strings of bytes to/from Arduino.

Yes it is.

My bad.

Im using windows 7, I’ve got a laptop with Ubuntu (linux).
Does any of them support that?

What Arduino board do you advice given the above description of my project?

Kind regards and thank you,

OK, hope some other people will add their ideas here..

hitting/pushing the sensor from the module.

IF the "sensor" puts out a digital signal 1 / 0 when it is hit/touched/squeezed? then you could have 9 * light + beep + sensor in = 18 I/Os, so Maybe a regular Arduino 329 (Uno, Duemilanove etc) would be enough. Else a Mega with much more pins might be needed..

What is the "Sensor like"??

Im using windows 7, I've got a laptop with Ubuntu (linux). Does any of them support that?

Yes they both do. The arduino just looks like a serial port to any language running on your PC. So if the language supports a serial port then it supports an arduino.

Thank you both for your replys.

The sensor, I'm thinking about it, but havent made my mind up yet. It will be a preasure 1/0 sensor. When touched, it allows the small current to make its circle.

It will be a preasure 1/0 sensor.

Not many of those about, the only one I know about is this:- http://www.mindsetsonline.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=1144

As it says:-

Quantum tunnelling composite is a flexible polymer that exhibits extraordinary electrical properties. In its normal state it is a perfect insulator, but when compressed it becomes a more or less perfect conductor and able to pass very high currents.

That may be the best product description ever...

Does it need to be pressure specifically? You might have more luck with capacitive sensors that pick up touch rather than pressure.

Some people tend to get carried away with a game. It needs to withstand, simple touching to hard hitting fanatics.

I've found some nice tuts on how to make simple doormat presure sensors. Even some for a punching bag. I think I'll go with the latter.

http://fluidforms.eu/de/CassiusHow.php Its similiar to what you've posted..?

I'll probably go with the Mega version. I'd like to have the spare room. But a friend of mine, has a Uno. Can I plug in the Mega the same way as he does, and run the same script as he does?

As for the GUI, I've found a AS3 liberary that simulates the pins as boolean (true/false|On/off|1/0). I'll test the usefullness of that and if it works, I'll make a nice GUI around it.

Any one got more tips, tricks or hints? More input on the GUI is welcome.

Kind regards and thank you all, Okreeks

Check out the Adafruit site. They have some momentary push switches which are back lit by LEDs (as well as simple tutorials as to how to connect and use (sample code) such devices). that would provide a sturdy, durable, sensor, with visible feedback. (http://www.adafruit.com/category/35)


am still new to this, btu am trying to connect arduino with adobe flash to use AS3 scripting... similar to what you are trying to do, n that's the resources i found helpful, you can check them out :)..