hello need bit more help

i have this uno r3 am trying to programe to a satndalone atmeg382 chip on bread board i have tryed to do it with a uart usb programer from ebay did that work no so i serched the net found a web page that shows me how to do it useing the uno as ide programer the circuit says red led for fault green for good working yellow god know s the thing is a cant fined in uno programe list any thing to do with ide dose any one have a sketch to make this thing boot the standalone chip all its doing is flashing red and yellow led red then yellow flip flop thank u from stan

hello Stan - One of your problems may be a missing reset circuit, which is ready build on to the Arduino board.

I would suggest that you find a ready made Uno board, with the earlier type DIP Atmega328P on board. These are commonly fitted in a socket, so you can easy swap it out for your own stand-alone 328chip.

Then you can take full use of the Arduino C programming environment, which makes all things so much more easy and smooth to handle.

Here's an example of what Anders is talking about:


Note how the chip can be removed from its socket...it's not a SMD.

econjacks link - now clickable :-)