Hello need help on a Arduino Tx/Rx Camera?

Hello i got 2 camera from radio shack they are a Jpeg rx/tx camera i also am using the arduino mega i found a sketch online that will let me use the Ethernet shield and put the camera online when i tried i can get the webserver come up but not the camera. The connections are 5v from the camera to 5v on the arduino, Ground to ground, and the Tx from the camera to Rx0 of the mega and rx from the camera to tx0 on the mega. I can not get it to work i tried both cameras and nothing here is a link to the camera http://www.radioshack.com/radioshack-jpeg-color-camera-board/2760248.html and the sketch i found online i attached below i really need help can someone please help me out?

cameraethernet.ino (12.9 KB)

That sketch needs a PIR connected and also an SD card. IT will not do anything with out the PIR!.


Hello Mark thank you for that it didn't notice that. It needed a pir and sd card sense the Ethernet shield got a sd card on it and there is a 8gb sd there should be okay just need a pir sensor i guess right? won't that mess with the ethernet sense there will be a Sd card on it?

i hooked up a PIR sensor and nothing happens still the same got a Sd card in there but nothing. can someone please help me out.