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i do i reset the delay of an RF module

If you want help coding this program, then you have to supply information on how you are counting the axles. Your posting suggests you have not designed this component.

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An interesting project, is the rolling stock plastic/card with metal wheels/axles.
I would assume the loco will be metal.

You could just count rolling stock, with a disguised LED/Laser beam across the track at body height and count the gaps.
Passenger coaches may be a problem if you can see completely through the chassis windows, probably a strategic placement of the detector would avoid this.

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Well you had better tell us and show us what you have?
What principle, how are you detecting each axle?
What model controller?
What RF components?

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If you have the design layout, can you post it please?

Have you written some code to see if the Omron can detect the axles. and not the metal chassis of the loco as well?
Can you post a link to specs/data of the Omron sensor?
What will you us the SINGLE LoRa unit for?

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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