Hello world...

I guess, the nerd in me is coming out to the enth degree lately.

So much so, I have bought a Uno knock off and signed up the Arduino Forums.

The polite thing to do before asking for help is to say hello....


Hello forum.... :smiley:


there is a lot of information to get you started, including the learning section of Arduino.

one good site is John Boxalls Tronixstuff, try going through the tutorials from number one, its hands on and you can actually get each stage working as you go.

I see John says :-

" You will find that URLs with tronixstuff.com aren’t currently working. If you change them to tronixstuff.wordpress.com they’ll work just fine. "

Thanks mate. I've so far hit up almost every example for the Uno and found some other examples and had a play with those.

Having some fun now with big mosfets...

Do you want to say anything about your Arduino-related (electronics & code ferinstance) strengths and weaknesses?

Bookmark these below. Each has useful info/links.