[Hello World]

Hello everyone,

It's my first post. I'm new to Arduino development but I love it :-)

By day, I'm developer for a medical device company located in Belgium. I've been introduced to Arduino few weeks ago with a project at work. Basically, it turns on or off a device using serial communication. Very simple I agree.

But well... you should start somewhere ! And I jumped into it.

I'm also studying Woodworking during evening classes. I'm currently trying to combine both passions into a project call "myPuzzleBox"

I'll post about it later I guess.

Talk to you soon :-)

:) :D XD

Welcome to the community! You said that you wanted to be able to turn something on and off with serial - have a look at physical pixel in the examples section. That amazed me when I began learning arduino stuff. All you need to do is type in 'H' or 'L' in the serial monitor, and press send. You can then control the on board LED like that. No need for the processing/maxMSP bits, although they do add more fun to it. I'm sure you have already noticed how versatile the arduino is, and the best thing to do when you are getting started (in my opinion) is to play! Write a simple prgram, modify some of the examples and work out why they do what they do, just have fun. That worked for me. :D