I just ordered my Diecimila and can’t wait trying it. So I jsut say “Hello!” for now.

So far I have no concrete project. I will try to make a moving robot ofcourse (after all the blinking LEDs ;-)), I plan to use Servo-mechanics (hacked) and Mouse-Odometers.


PS: Is there a “Show new posts” in the forum?

Hi Carsten, welcome to the arduino. You should have no trouble finding servo and mouse code for your arduino robot. But give a shout if you need any help.

p.s. if you find a ‘show new posts’ capability, let me know where it is. It would be very useful.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

In theorie the code is ready, now I am keen on getting my hands dirty on the hardware :wink:


Please post what code you have, even pseudocode. I’ve built a small tracked robot with IR encoders on the drive wheels and ultrasonic rangefinders front and rear - but I haven’t written much code yet. I’ll post what I’ve got, but I suspect that we ought to start a thread elsewhere with a descriptive name like Robot Drive Code. Perhaps under Software/Syntax and Programs? What would you suggest, mem?

Hi eustace, if the thread was a discussion with examples of driving robots then the hardware interfacing would be where I would think it would go. Or if its to proudly show what you have built then a thread in the exhibition area would be appropriate. Either way, please do share :).