Hi my name is Alex, I have just joined the forum and would like to say hello to everyone. I have no experience with programming but I am hoping to learn, I have a little experience building circuits angain I am hoping to expand my knowlage.

Im a keen tennis player and have made my own tennis ball machine and I am hoping to automate it hence the drive to get into arduino.

I look forward to gaining lots of tips and tricks for you guys in the future

Kind Regards Alex

Hi Alex,

Look through the Examples menu. Work through them until you feel comfortable programming the Arduino, then it's time to tackle your project. A tennis machine that could learn about its human opponent would be cool!

Thanks for the advice, I agree that a machine that learns would be awsom, however I'm not sure I will get it to that level, I am dyslexic so I have hard enough trouble following the simple stuff, letalon the programming that would be evolved getting my machine to that level.

I'm good at following videos and remembering but to read and remember is a much grater challenge to me , my brain just dose not work that way. But you don't get anywhere without trying :)