On ready to pay if someone help me out.... need Control stepper motor up and Down By vl53lox laser and there also stop point on in 50mm thats is zero poing...

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Please describe your project in detail. That’s going to help a lot.

Having a motor react to the readings of the VL53L0X is easy enough. It’s not a laser, by the way. Just an IR time of flight sensor.

Stepper - absolute positioning expected? If so how to determine the zero position? Is that the 50mm point?

How to react to the sensor, exactly? Move motor following the distance the sensor measures?

Not so long ago I wrote some gesture handling for that sensor - used it to control music with hand waving. Start, stop, next track, volume up and volume down. Pretty simple, did it just for the fun of it. In the final project only the start/stop will be used.

Its need keep same distance even surface what its following aint flat