Help!!! 22v 6us pulse?


I'm new to arduino and I'm have a small experience in electronic so please be patient. :)

OK I'm trying to get a HP cartridge to spiting ink and to get that I need a 22v pulse with 6us.

So if anyone have an idea to i get those 22v very fast pulses please post here.

Can you get access to the HP printer that uses the cartridge? That'll get you the 22V.

If you can get the 22V from the printer, using arduino to make 6us pulse is not hard. Arduino runs at 16MHz so you will be able to output a pulse of 6us. Use a transistor to switch the 22V on, wait for a while and then switch the power off.

If delayMicrosecond() is not accurate enough, you can always do other stuff like a for loop to slow yourself down.

So let me seeā€¦

I have a 22v power supply with 2,4A and I have 2N2907A transistor.

Can you be more specific on connection?

Just drive it like you would a motor or relay:-