Help a beginner with controlling a stepper motor?

Hello all,

To begin with: I only have a little knowledge regarding using arduinos. My plan is to create a setup in which I can regulate the number of turns the stepper motor does. I have soldered together a Velleman KA03 motor power shield kit, and therein lies my first challenge. I have no idea whether it works or not. There are no tutorials for this kit online, and so I am turning to you for help. How would one control a motor via this kit?


Also, the motor itself is a ld0-42sth47.


Hi apower101,
Like most users of this forum, I know nothing about this kit, so at the moment you know more then we do.

A quick google and I found this: Velleman KA03 Motor and Power Shield for Arduino Which planly shows the connections, there's even a manual and software to download (under the More info tab)

How are you ever going to know if it works, if your not willing to test it?? If in doubt double check your soldering and connections.. Take a look at the software and try to understand it, the more you try the more info you gain.

Go for it! let us know what's going on.



PS Please don't try powering the motor from the Arduino, it will not work and could damage it...

The Thread stepper motor basics may have some useful stuff.