Help a newbie

Hi, I was just looking for some advice, I just acquired the display from a hp printer. I was wondering if it could be used directly with an Arduino, or will it need a driver board? The printer is a HP B210 (CN216A) Multi Function Inkjet Printer.

The only chip I can see is a cy8c20546-24pvxi, which is a programmable capsense controller ( I don't know if there are any other chips as the board a glued to the screen.

I would really like to get it working because it is a really nice looking display, so any advice would be appreciated.

This is almost impossible. Someone who is very experienced might succeed sometimes and publish it. But if it has not been done before with this display, it is almost impossible. You have to know at least the chip and the interface.

For example, a few Nokia lcd displays can be used with the Arduino.

Thought as much, thanks.

It didn’t cost me anything, so I think I will just bin it… (after I remove the leds)