Help a total Newb with a joystcik development project.

I have been staring down arduinos for about a year now deciding if I want to go down that road of addiction.... The time has come for me to start.

What I am trying to do is develop a high resolution joystick for my flight simulator. I need some help on what board to use and a kick in the right direction to some tutorials on programming. I have little experience with coding/programming.

I will need the board to be able to use hall effect sensors and be plug and play into the PC when I am done...

Note, I can learn but I have no Idea what I am doing with these things yet...

and be plug and play into the PC

Plug into where? Play with what?

I want to be able to plug into the PC and have it be recognized as a joystick. Is this possible?

I want to be able to plug into the PC

Plug what into the PC?

Maybe sketch a block diagram of what you're seeing in your mind.... words are not good for describing stuff like this...


So I am making a home built Collective for some helicopter controls for a simulator. I need the arduino board(what board to choose I am uncertian I need your help) to be able to read the output of a Allegro A1302 hall effect sensor. I want the arduino when plugged into the PC after being programmed to register as a HID (human interface device) Basically I want it to show up as a game controller.

I found this!

Will this work with any Arduino board or just the uno?

Sorry I am going to need a lot of guidance to get me started! :cold_sweat:

Sorry I am going to need a lot of guidance to get me started!

The project you have chosen is not a beginner project. It isn't even an intermediate project. It's an advanced project.

I ordered the starter kit with the uno R3.

I guess I'm going in deep. :)

I got a lot of learning to do!

Ten seconds Googling for 'arduino HID joystick' suggests that it's practical, and that plenty of people have done it, and the code for the HID interface part could probably be found more or less complete. Figuring out how to read that sensor is your problem. Interfacing it to the HID functionality should be trivial.

I found this

I managed to get the HID joystick read so the computer read the uno as a HID joystick.

Now I need to know how to read a hall effect and output as a joystick axis.

Any help will be appreciated.