help about WS2811 5050 LED and mini pro

Hi all,
I am trying since many days to control led strip with my mini pro. But I can't do anything. I try many code with fastspi but nothing work.

Maybe someone could give me a sample code (put 10 led white for exemple) juste to start

Thanks a lot


Show us what you have wired up.
LED strips usually are 3 LEDs in series, need 12V to light them up and something besides promini outputs to sink the current (because when the strip is off, the output will rise to 12V and blow the arduino output). NPN transistor, NPN buffer array such as ULN2003/ULN2803, or open drain shift register chip like TPICB595.

I can t belive. It s work. Juste after posting I tried something and it's work. It was an error in my for.

But thanks for your reply.