we are trying to activate one of the two mkrfox1200 cards just now purchased, but inserting in the portal the id and the pac of the card, during registration the sigfox backand asks me "Please select your local SNO" that I do not know what that means........

Thanks to those who will help me

I can tell you that "SNO" stands for SIGFOX Network Operator. Apparently, SIGFOX contracts the operation of the network for a specific geographic area to a given company. It should be possible for you to do a Google search to determine who is the SNO for your area.

last year I already activated a mkrfox1200 card successfully and then now something in the sigfox system is not working since it is already the third card that does not work, in another it the sigfox backend told me that the id and pac code was not valid, I hope that will solve soon because otherwise it is useless for the Arduino Srl to continue to sell this type of cards......

Thank you for your interest

maybe sigfox have to unlock your keys.
You can try to email to