Help adapt AVR code for Stronglink RFID

Hi there,

I managed to get two sample RFID units from Stronglink in China but now having problems interfacing with them. Here are links to the web pages.

There is AVR sample code available for both units but I can’t seem to adapt it. Using the sl015m1 I tried with the Newsoftserial library this sort of code but can’t get any response from the reader.

    mySerial.println(0xBA); //Host connection
    mySerial.println(0x02); //number of bytes
    mySerial.println(0x01); //select RFID tag
    mySerial.println(0xB9); //Checksum

I am just trying to get the ID code for Mifare Ultralights. Could somebody help?


I'm also trying to get it to work, but I use the 18 (twi). I know that using RFID stuff can be quite hard. I have developed a desktop application for an industrial RFID unit and there was a lot of trouble with getting the bits right.

The comms protocol for the SL018 model is i2c, you'll need to check your wiring to A4 + A5 and I suggest you research the twi/i2c library that is available.


That's for a serial connection, i2c works differently.

The SL015M-1 unit I'd suggest you use the hardware serial to begin with, and start by polling for data, you should get a stream as soon as the TAG gets in range of the reader and you'll be able to work backwards from there.

By the way, these units are expensive for products supplied direct from China, dig deep enough and you'll save 80 percent after a bit of naggling and patience.

See my blog post:
I will offer a complete SL018 library within a few days.

Hi marcboon,

Thanks for sharing your blog post.
That's really what i need.

When you will release a complete Arduino library for write and read?


I coded the SL018 library already a month ago, but I didn't publish it yet. Unfortunately I don't have time to test it thoroughly. If you email me, I will send it to you with a working example of reading and writing tags.

Thanks for sending me the library.
I'm waiting a sample code for writing to RFID tags using that library.

I posted the SL018 library including examples on my RFID blog:

Thank you so much for sharing the library :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to get this library to work.
I compile and upload with no errors.
When I open the serial monitor the commands return their respective text, but nothing involving the RFID tags come back.
R comes back with Read and thats it.

Is their a special syntax I need t use?