Help, Advice required


Complete Newbie, can any one advise,

Project is telescope RA clock drive,

The Scope has a 12v 5wire stepper motor, need to add speed contorl with the cheapest simplest arduino board and stepper controler combo, speed controled by a potentiometer all standalone, with a overide on the potentiometer to speed up or slowdown switches. seen this done with an UNO board, would a smaller board do the same?

Board i'm thinking about is the arduino Nano, would it use the same programming and connections?

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Yeah, same programming and connections for the Nano.

The main thing to look at is the chip. Uno and Nano can both use Atmega328 chips, so most things are completely interchangeable. Anything with a different chip will have some differences.


Which Stepper Driver Board would i need to use?

L298N Stepper Motor

or the smaller

ULN2003 type board

Load seems to be less than 1/2A 12v


I would just go with the L298N if not sure of power requirements.

You might be able to go with ULN2003 depending but I can't say without knowing the specifics of the setup.


Not sure of all the specs of the stepper.

I know someone has measured a setup with the original controler which i don't have at 0.34Amps, the stepper is heavly geared down and has 5wires conecting it. Spares are not available as the manufacturer went belly up several years ago. So i'm hoping to us a Arduino setup to repace the missing controler.

So far it's looking like Arduino Nano, a small stepper board and a varable risitor to control rotation speed.


Parts ordered here goes... ]:smiley: