Help: All of Arduino 21 files blocked in Windows 7

I have deleted, downloaded and reloaded Arduino many times and each time the program files are blocked. Each time I’ve either manually unblocked each file individually or used Windows system internal “stream” program to remove the blocking tags. I have tried all compatibility xp sp 2 and xp sp3 and run as administrator all to no avail. The good news is that I have the program working well on an XP sp3 machine…but sure would like it to run on the Windows 7 machine. BTW: I have disabled Windows Defender thinking that it was the offending party. Any solutions? Am I the only one suffering from Microsofts shinangans@!

I have deleted, downloaded and reloaded Arduino many times and each time the program files are blocked. Each time I've either manually unblocked each file individually or used Windows system internal "stream" program to remove the blocking tags.

What do you mean by "blocked"? I don't think I've heard that term in this context before.

This is what I mean: Properties of Arduino.exe file (along with all of the other subdirectory files) downloaded from Arduino (repeatedly) and decompressed, give exactly what is depicted in this image:
d:/pictures/arduino_exe executed

After unblocking the files of each file (more than 5000 files) via the file Properties, this is what I get:
d:/pictures/arduino_exe executed following unblockin.jpg

Note: I’ve run the Arduino executible as Administrator and XP SP 2 and XP SP3 compliant which I know works. Also, I’ve only used Arduino software directly downloaded from the Arduino and not ported from any of my computers or any other.

Any ideas how to overcome this.

Just so you know, not only the arduino.exe and dll files are blocked, all arduino files are blocked and need to be unblocked…but all to no avail.

Sorry I am just having problems adding or inserting in my reply the many screen saves (jpg) I've made of the file of the windows properties for a select number of the 5000 or so files indicating that the files I've downloaded and decompressed in Windows 7 have been blocked.

You can't post links to pictures on your hard drive. Host the pictures on some sight like flickr, and post a link to them.

Thanks for the flickr suggestion. I place 5 jpgs on flickr:

The first photo shows the Properties of the Arduino.exe with the blocked message...which applies to all of the files in the arduino files and subfiles shown in the decompressed directory shown in the 2nd photo. The 3rd photo shows what happens when you execute a blocked arduino.exe.

The 4th photo shows an unblocked arduino.exe (plus unblocking of all 5000 plus files in the arduino-0021 directory and subdirecteries). The 5th photo shows the Properties of Arduino.exe once it has been unblocked...looks great....but did not change a thing in terms of execution.

I have not transferred Arduino-0021 from any of my computers...I have downloaded Arduino--0021 from Arduino download sites a dozen or so times to no avail. Each time, I've deleted, downloaded, decompressed and executed...all to no avail.

I've run Arduino as Administrator. I've disabled Windows defender and my virus program....nothing seems to work. The good thing is I have a backup XP machine that has done me well....but this Windows 7 thing has me befuddled and would love to use the machine in my projects using Arduino software.

I hope this helps explain my situation.

It is apparently a security setting somewhere. I'm running windows 7 home 64bit on a laptop having no such problem with Arduino

When you download from are you asked to trust the site?

Which version of windows are you using, Home or Pro, 64/32 bit?

Can you start regedit and search for Arduino? It might be a registry setting ? !!! be carefull with the registry !!

regards, rob

I running Windows 7 Pro 32bit. You are probably correct that there is a security setting that launched this debacle and I am bewitched to know what and where. That said, I have contacted Microsoft regarding my problem and their response essentially boils down to this: Once a file or a program has been blocked, it will remain blocked regardless of what actions I take to unblock the program via properties--even by physically removing the blocking tags from each of the 5,000+ files as I've done many times--or by deleting the program and starting afresh by downloading and "reloading" as I've done. Why? Because the program that is blocked in this fashion will always be launched from one the multiple restore images that Windows 7 makes of the program (files) and somehow registers them in a registry. The process of removing these restored images, etc. is a major, major operation. I'm not going to mess with it, I will at some point get another drive and install windows 7 and reinstall all my programs again.

BTW, I have another machine that I've since set up with Windows7 Pro 32 bit, using AVAST and Windows Defender and, as far as I can tell, with the same security settings as the problem machine. Guess what? Arduino-0021 works perfectly on it. Go figures.

What is interesting Microsoft could not explain what specifically launched my particular problem. However, looking a the Seven Seasons website on the problem, others are having this nightmare as well.

Oh well, enough this...I need to go get it done!

Thanks for the interest.

You could turn off the creation of restore points, and delete all the restore files. Perhaps then the installation will proceed from the downloaded files instead of the restore point crap.

Paul, your suggestion seems simple enough, I'll give it a try. If it works, I'll wonder why Microsoft didn't mention it.

I'll post the results of once I get a chance to execute your suggestion.