Help and advice needed on Arduino ROV project

Hi I need some advice if my idea is possible first and secondly if there is some one willing to help me as I am nearly 60 suffering from conic depression and to make it even more fun I am dyslexic so get confused over writing program's . It may be some one has already done this and you can point me in the right direction. Here is what I am trying to do This control is for a remotely operated underwater vehicle Top side Arduino UNO or Mega that reads the commands from a play station 2 game pad It then send those instructions to 2 slave Arduino UNOs in the ROV by tether And also revives data beck from the 2 slaves and displays them on an LCD I have a full spec list if any one is interested in helping. Al. :astonished:,113647.msg854793.html#msg854793

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Yes please Al

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