Help and get reward ....

I need someone help me with a Maze solving robot that solving the maze and then remember short path for the next time. Using : + Arduino mega 2560 + write in C code + 4 line sensors + 18V power supply + 1 H bridge 50$ for the code and setup help using skype ! Thanks for the help ... contact email

Sounds suspiciously like a third or fourth year college assignment. Is it?

yes it is . i just need help , like question and how to connect and stuff like that

anyone help me please :slight_smile: :%

Having me help you cheat would cost you far more than $50.

Wow! I can get a whole $50 to sell out what a deal!

Then you get a certificate that states you are qualified to do something that you have demonstrated you can't do because you cheated to get the certificate. Maybe the certificate gets you a job at a company designing say pacemakers, and you screw that up, because you don't deserve that certificate, and people die.

You are willing to pay me a whole $50 to help you on this path. You may be smart enough to understand what my response is, but then you probably aren't so I will state it clearly: NO!!

I could direct you to the nearest fastfood restaurant for a job application, you will screw up there but I don't eat fastfood so I don't worry.

I guess you can see where we're going with this khang360nguyen, I've never been tempted but might be coerced into dropping my morals for several $1000...nah I doubt it.

$50 might be a lot to a student but it barely buys lunch these days, so quite apart from the (well articulated) problems detailed by wwbrown et al you would need to offer an amount a few orders of magnitude larger to get someone to write that code.

Look on the bright side, when (if) you pass you won't have to work for days/weeks for $50, as we don't :)