Help: API8108A Chip info?

I have a API8108A chip.
As far as I got was finding this Data Sheet, which tells me to program the chip I need some APLUS software which I can not find anywhere.
The application and diagrams are pretty simple and make this chip seem like a very useful and trigger-able sound device. But… Software?

All I want to know is IF anyone has used this chip and how I can get it working myself.

Well, I have no experience with that chip or ever heard of that company. So I got curious and wanted to help out.

After about an hour of searching, I finally found their website, I was getting the impression that they didn't even have a website. I would imagine that they are not very popular and don't get site hits..

But anyway, here is their software page, This is the only page where I found any software, but it's listed as "Update."

Let me know if this is what you were after.