Help!!! Arduinno Noob here. Bluetooth, Andriod and alarmclock, where to begin?

I have a project due in roughly a month, so any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to build arduinno based switch with two settings A and B which:

  1. Can be used to turn off an arduino built alarm clock on setting A. i.e when the alarm goes off, pressing the switch will turn off the alarm.

  2. Can be used to trigger an when the setting is set to B. i.e when the device is in setting B, and the switch is pressed, it lights up an an LED

A rough overview of how I intend to implement this.

a. Use MIT App inventor to build android app which switches the system between mode A and mode B ( potentially set time) Added feature :automatically switch to mode B if andriod phone is out of range from arduino

I have a HC bluetooth module, and an Arduino uno.

i've looked into the following forums,148853.0.html , but i'm certain ill need a lot of help.