Help, arduino 5volts not enought

Hello i am experiencing a problem with the 5volts power supply of Arduino This is a project to provide an electronic set for a prop helmet with voice amplifier, thermal activated fans and sound effect the set includes: Arduino Nano

DHT 11 temperature sensor

WT5001M02-28P Mp3 sound module

LM393 Sound sensor d.s.

2x fans 5volts 0,10 Amp

2x NPN transistors 2N2222A (40V 0,6A)

mini amp 3w + 3w d. s.

the scheme

in the project, the microphone of the sound sensor shoud be used also as voice microphone: that mono channel audio input sould be mixed with the stereo channels of the mp3 sound module and linked to the mini amp (following this schematic )

the problem: the 5volts output of arduino nano doesn't give power to the components. After installing everything except the miniamplifier, the components doesn't turn on and the 5volt output of arduino shows 0volts. I tried uninstalling the themperature and module and speakers and this way the sound sensor works. When i connect the speaker to the mp3 sound module the voltage turn back to 0volts.

I don't understand why the 5volts output power regulated of the arduino seems not enought while the overall amperage of the modules is quite low (the sound sensor only 0,4mA, the mp3 sound module max 40mA..)

What is wrong ? :astonished:

The Nano's 5V doesn't have the capacity of the Uno. A couple of 100mA fans? And an MP3 sound module? You'll have to arrange supplementary power.

onesky: What is wrong ? :astonished:

It seems like you already figured it out. You could always put your finger on the voltage regulator if you need proof.

PS: LM7805 voltage regulators cost about $0.30

ok i tought that the 5v output of arduino nano was like arduino uno, supply til 900mA / 1 A .. so i will arrange external regulator 5v