Help: Arduino BT uploading problem

I connected 3.3VDC to the power of the BT board. I connected a LED with a resistor 1K at 13 and GND.
When I uploaded compiled “blink” tutorial program, I’ve got following error messages.
(Arduino 0009alpha program is running)

…and so on.

Anyway, the LED on this BT is blinking much faster than in the case of Diecimila board.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Bryan. :wink:

btw, I have a Petium4 2.4GHz notebook running WindowsXP.
Would the 0007 version be better than the current 0009version for my ArduinoBT?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, I hit the same problem with 9 ummmm, 1.5 days ago - switch to 7

Also, change the blink LED to pin 12, and don’t use a resistor

Bryan; that error sounds like you had the wrong serial port selected from the Tools | Serial port menu. Or is it something else?

I hit the same problem "just yesterday" setting up my new BT, which I was on the brink of sending back.

After dilemmas with Bluesoleil, finally uninstalling it and letting XP handle the set up, mine works perfectly on com5

I got the same message from Arduino 9, and switched to 7... and 7 worked fine.

Needless to say, a port issue is possible, but the error message I got when it was a port problem, mac and pc, was "programmer is not responding".

Many thanks for the helps!

I’ve switched from Arduino 0009 to 0007, as per the suggestions, and it seems improving quite a lot with very minor glitch.
I’ve removed multitudes of Bluetooth serial ports such as Port9,10, 11, and so on.
The selected port I’ve confirmed is Port7.
The only error message at this moment is :

Programmer is not responding. RESET the board right before exporting.

Therfore, I pressed the RESET button on the board right before uploading after compiling the “blink” program. I’m afraid I might have missed the exact timing for the RESET button pressing, though.

It seems that the old problems are mostly gone.
Thanks for the valuable comments and helps.
I’ll try to find the good timing for the RESETting.


Sorry for my newbie questions.
I forgot to mention that my bluetooth dongle runs on BlueSoleil. Would this be one of the cuplprits?



Sorry for my newbie questions.
I forgot to mention that my bluetooth dongle runs on BlueSoleil. Would this be one of the cuplprits?



Yes, I posted info about BlueSoleil a few days ago.

Uninstall it, and let XP handle the port assignment

Thank you for your valuable info.

I’ve removed the BlueSoleil program, and let the MSWindows XP handle the BT.
I’m still in the process of establishing the connection which is incomplete, I guess.

Since I am not quite familiar with BT’s procedure, I was a bit confused about the serial port selection for “Sending” or “Receiving” port. “Receiving” has been selected for ARDUINOBT, which is given password of predefined ‘12345.’ “Sending” has been selected for other port.

Am I supposed to select the ports separately, one for sending, the other for receiving?
With the BlueSoleil, I just selected one port for communication, as in the case of WiTilt2.5 accelerometer breakout board from Sparkfun, which is working fine for me.

Sorry for my newbie question.
Appreciate your interest in this regard.


I had the same problem on my compiler, use 0009 altso.

The solution to the problem was to select tools → serial port and the check the com port. Even though it was listed there it wasn’t checked.

Hope this helps other, I used half an hour wondering if I got a broken soft-/hardware.

I read that when the XP handles the set up, set the port to com 5. And also need to use Arduino 0007. I was wondering if you try this way? Because I am having the same problems, and if it is the solution, I will uninstall the Bluesoleil too…

Thanks a lot…

Finally, I was able to download blinking code to Arduino BT. I am not seeing any errors on the Arduino software page. But, the LED does not blink. Since I do not have any error messages, being able to upload, why the LED doesn’t blink? Please, any suggestion will be helpful…

Many thanks…

I wish I had an easy instruction manual for the ArduinoBT for use in WindowsXP, a sort of step-by-step manual for newbies like me.

Sometimes, I got lost in ther middle not knowing where I made absurd mistakes.
Thanks in advance,