[HELP] Arduino Due with 6 DC Motors controlled by PWM

Dear all,

Hello. I'm trying to control DC motors using Arduino Due, but I'm not sure I'm doing right.

First each DC motor has 3V of rated operating voltage and 60mA of operating current.

I did not use external power source, but USB connector.

According to specification, Arudino Due 3.3v and 5v pin has maximum 800mA current draw, so I connected 3 motors to 3v pin and the other 3 motors to 5v pin in parallel (including resistance and transistors for each motor) and I regulated voltage to 3V in Sketch using analogWrite().

As a result, motors vibrate accordingly, but it seems that vibration power is weak.

I doubt power supply through USB connector was not enough, or I may be wrong anything.

Could you give any comment?

Thank you.
Best regards,
Kyungho Won

You cannot power motors directly from the Arduino - you will damage it .

You need to switch the motors with a transistor with a separate power supply for the motors . Or use a H bridge.

Google “transistor as a switch “, “ Arduino powering a motor” , “ Arduino motor H bridge”

Post a schematic of what you have done, not a frizzy thing. Also are these motors simply on and off or do they need to reverse. Are they fixed speed or variable, …etc… More information is needed. Remember an Arduino a Power Supply It Is NOT!

Powering a motor from a logic supply rail is a no-no, motors can stick great massive spikes and drop-outs on the the supply, easily capable of resetting or destroying logic chips.

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